About Us

Who We Are:

OverScore Studios is based is Springwater, Ontario. We are a group of local students who want to gain more experience in web design. Most of us are part of JavaWockies, an FRC Team who builds large robots to compete in a new pre-determined game every season. Here’s a picture of the team with our robot, Vorpal during the 2017 FRC Season:

Why We’re Doing This:

You may be wondering, how come we offer most these services for free? Most studios would charge hundreds of dollars for a professional website or app, but we do it for nothing.

The answer is simple: we want to gain more experience.

See, there aren’t many ways for students like us to gain resume-ready experience in areas like web design or programming since many IT companies won’t hire anyone under 18, and many require at least a high school diploma, something many of us don’t have yet. So, we’re going out and gaining expertise ourselves by building websites and apps for people all over the world. See, we may be from Ontario, but that doesn’t mean we’ll limit our services to our area. From Alaska to Australia, if you need a website for your small business, we can help you out!


What We Ask in Return:

OK, so there must be a catch, right? There’s just something fishy about a studio that’ll do things for free, isn’t there?

Well, while our services are catch-free, we do ask two things in return to anyone who we build a website or app for:

  1. Your website will display 1 relevant ad from OverScore on one page of your site. It can be anywhere and doesn’t have to be conspicuous, just so it’s there so visitors from your site can learn about us. The ad will look something like this: See, that’s not so bad, right?
  2. You allow any designer at OverScore Studios to use your website as an example in their resume or portfolio website. (Free advertising, am I right?)

So, that’s it! Interested in getting started? Click here!