At OverScore Studios, we get to work with a lot of amazing people. Here are some of our current partnerships:

JavaWockies FRC Team 6336


JavaWockies is a FIRST Robotics team from Springwater, Ontario. They are a group of middle- and high-school students who love building giant 120-lb. robots to compete in tournaments across Ontario!

Team 6336 has just completed their first year in the FIRST Robotics Championship. Their rookie year was one of great triumph, and the team was able to travel to St. Louis, MO, for the World Championships.

Check out their website at, and while you’re there why not donate to help them buy robot parts and whatnot. Tell them we said hi!


Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics

Oddly enough, Bot-In-a-Box continues the robot theme going on here. They make electronics learning kits that help students understand the principles of electricity, early engineering, programming, and IoT.

Bot-In-a-Box was started by Matthew Piercey and Taylor Reevie, winners of the 2016 OCE MakeYourPitch Contest, and participators in the Ontario Summer Company program.

Find them at!