Brand Resources


Welcome to OverScore Studios' Brand Resources page!

While we aren't super picky about how you use our branding, we'd appreciate usage that's consistent and easily-identifiable. Below are some general rules for using our logos and branding:




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If you need our logo(s) for something, you can find them below this block of text. You can right-click or long-tap on one then click "Save Image As" to download it. All of them are SVG files, so you don't have to download different sizes. See our Logo Guidelines for details.

OverScore Studios

OverDark Logo

OverScore Studios

Ligrey Logo

OverScore Studios

Dargrey Logo

OverScore Studios

Purgrey Logo

OverScore Studios

Magentish Logo

OverScore Studios Logo

Logo Guidelines:

Again, as we said above, we aren't super picky about how you use our logos, but we'd appreciate it if you could please follow these basic Guidelines:

  • Contrast is key - whichever colour of logo you're using, make sure it sticks out from the background - we recommend a contrast of at least 4.5:1

  • Keep it as-is - please don't try to edit/morph/change our logo or add anything to it

  • Integrate our colours - whenever practical, we recommend complementing our logo with a background that's one of our brand colours - it helps with consistency

  • We'd prefer if you asked - if you want to use our logo for something, we'd like to hear about it first. That being said, we won't hunt down and destroy you if we find that you put our logo out in the wild without our consent, but we'd be happier if you told us about it first. At the very least, we can cheer you on/offer helpful advice!

    E-mail for more information

Name Guidelines:

We like to go by 'OverScore Studios'. Not 'OverScore', 'OSS', or 'OS Studios'. Are we being a bit pendantic here? Well, yeah, but there's a point to it - mainly that we just want our name to be distinct and easily-recognizable. That's all, folks.